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Amara Vidya is “Universal Understanding”; or, “The Science of the Universe”. Our yoga teaching is a philosophical template that invites you to explore what it means to tap into that “Which Is”.

We support a participant’s own journey, crafting their own exploration in an accessible, diverse, and sustainable way.

We welcome all to practice Amara Vidya Yoga. This framework is original, blending Eastern and Western framework into a 9 stone philosophy and 3 pillar methodology that can be applied to ANY style. Whether you practice Ashtanga, Hatha, Kripalu or Hot yoga, the Amara Vidya approach is available to you. What sets us apart is we look at learning outcomes provided to people of all abilities. We support how a teacher develops their OWN style, and what they wish to share with the world.

Since 2015 we have advocated and certified teachers in these core beliefs. A teacher must:

  • Have a healthy awareness of boundaries when interacting with students and adhere to a Code of Conduct for ethical practice;
  • Engage in the practice of Informed Consent: which is more than a blanket generalized waiver or a card on the floor that can mean nothing.
  • Participate in an ongoing act of service according to one or all of the Three Pillars: Accessibility, Diversity and Sustainability.
  • Teach to who shows up on the mat, and not yoga as “Performance” driven.
  • Be sensitive and adaptive to the capabilities and needs of the student and their goals, not “correct” their behavior according to your image
  • Honor the individual’s own spiritual practice and maintain a secular space, and acknowledging the tradition of yoga roots with respect
  • Understanding that evidence based science is appropriate and increasingly relevant to the instruction of another human being


We have a mission to change how yoga certification is currently taught. We seek to build a community of graduates who are strong in working with global and local organizations of service.


Our school will soon close its doors on the 500 hour Yoga Teacher Training as it currently stands. If you want to sign up for our $500 last chance offer, go HERE.

What our training will include:

individualized mentorship
  • We work one on one with you via online web conferencing. You get personalized attention.
one on one sessions
  • We believe in creating lead, mentor, and peer opportunities to get the most out of your training to help you start the lucrative practice of private yoga teaching
built-in YACEP
  • We train our 500 hour teachers to be flexible to the needs of the student, which is why we ensure our graduates have an adaptive yoga mindset. Upon graduation, you are already set to teach Restorative, Yin and Flow yoga.
flexible schedule
  • We respect your time. Our teacher training programs cater to the student that juggles family, work and LIFE challenges.
family friendly programs
  • We offer inclusive and supportive practices. We list which retreats, immersions, and workshops are family friendly or offer space for a support person to attend at a reduced cost.
ability to teach in private and group settings
  • We ensure you receive unique pose analysis, class planning and specialized training for improved learning outcomes for both the graduate and the success of their prospective students
lineage and evidence based science programming
  • Our school descends from primarily Kripalu lineage. A secondary influence is Moksha yoga, however Hatha yoga can be directly connected to the Kripalu method. We also believe in providing a secular guidance, with peer-reviewed research updates to movement and meditation in yoga, and subscribe to the scientific method.


last chance

Our 500 hour yoga teacher training ends August 2018.

I invite you to come experience the unique community of individuals that has blossomed here in the Thousand Islands. Join us for our 500 hour yoga teacher training program which is heavily influenced by my love of Western Philosophy, Buddhism, and draws from my own personal exploration of my distant Hindu and Native American ancestry. I believe in designing a program that delves into your most personal journey and cultivates your assets to become strong in how you approach your practice. No two trainings will ever be alike, because it is about who comes to the training that is of the highest value.
-Chantel Ehler, Founder






In January of 2015, the Amara Vidya yoga teacher training began. It developed and evolved into a rolling, individual program option, certifying teachers as they were able to complete their training with quality and engaged effort. We created the following listing to help you learn more about what our school managed to create:

  • See our Yoga Alliance school profile HERE
  • For the Organizations we support, go HERE.
  • To access the recommended listing of our colleagues and guest faculty, including their online training and writings, go HERE.
  • For our School training faculty and Certified Teacher Directory go HERE.
  • Our doors will shut in August of 2018. We will continue to provide blog post, and share publications and online courses. We thank all of those who supported us in the quest for a more inclusive, adaptive and ethical yoga teaching.
  • Come experience the difference today and explore what we offer HERE, and read our blog HERE.


Check out the new National Charity our founder, Chantel Ehler co-created with Katie Juelson as a means of growing a more sustainable yoga option for Canadians.


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